Hiking in Montenegro

Meet Montenegro’s gorgeous landscapes and culture

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Nothing brings you closer to the land and its people than hiking. Our hiking tours are thoughtfully selected to satisfy everyone’s appetite. From half-day hikes to multi-day adventures that require good physical condition, our extensive local knowledge will help you absorb the sights, smells and tastes of Montenegro.

Half-day hikes

Spend 3 to 4 hours hiking on some of Boka Bay’s surrounding hills. As a reward, you’ll enjoy spectacular sight that will enable you to realize the astonishing beauty of this unique bay.

Vrmac hill

Pines, old caravan roads and amazing view on Bay of Kotor make Vrmac very attractive for hiking!

  • Duration: 5 hours;
  • Difficulty: moderate;
  • Transfer: included;
  • Price: from 40€ /pp
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Zlijebi village

Climb up to this unique village! Zlijebi stands out for its unique architecture and breathtaking sight!

  • Duration: 4 hours;
  • Difficulty: moderate;
  • Transfer: included;
  • Price: from 35€ /pp
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Try this easy hiking route and enjoy fabulous 360 degrees view from the top of the hill!

  • Duration: 3 hours;
  • Difficulty: moderate/easy;
  • Price: from 20€ /pp
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Full-day hikes

Spend 7 to 10 hours hiking on gorgeous locations throughout Montenegro. Explore National parks Durmitor or Lovćen, or remarkable mountain Orjen. Meet local culture and taste characteristic flavors of this region. You will be amazed by these places, their simultaneous wilderness, and beauty.

Durmitor National park

Hike through Durmitor, the paradise for mountaineers and nature lovers!

  • Duration: All day;
  • Difficulty: Any;
  • Transfer&lunch: included;
  • Price: from 75€ /pp
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Lovcen National park

Find out why Lovcen is the natural, historical, cultural and spiritual symbol of all Montenegrins!

  • Duration: All day;
  • Difficulty: Moderate;
  • Transfer&lunch: included;
  • Price: from 65€ /pp
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Orjen Mountain

Discover Orjen, gigantic massif unique in many ways! Its landscape is full of surprises!

  • Duration: All day;
  • Difficulty: Any;
  • Transfer: included;
  • Price: from 55€ /pp
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