Rock climbing in Montenegro

The higher you climb, the further you see.

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Rock climbing in Montenegro

Rock climbing is an incomparable challenge. It takes every muscle in your body to propel you upward. There’s no time for distraction, no room for your mind to wander. Once at the top, the view is unbelievable and the sense of accomplishment is exhilarating!

Join our experienced climbing team on the following two locations:


Eleven sport climbing routes;  5b to 7a (French grades); beginners to advanced


Numerous routes; 5a to 7b (French grades); beginners to advanced

Upon request we may organize climbing lessons and excursions for small groups and individuals.

We also may provide:

  • Full climbing gear (excluding shoes)
  • Transfer

Important Notes:

  • Climbing is not suitable for people with limited mobility.
  • We do not provide climbing shoes. Bring wit you also hat, sunscreen, snack, water.
  • The guide keeps the right to prevent you from commencing the tour in case you are intoxicated or he estimates that you could bring personal or any others safety in jeopardy, as a consequence of your unconscionable behavior.
  • Please read our terms and conditions
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