Reservation policy

To book your place for any of our tours or yoga retreats you are asked to pay 20% of the tour price (minimum payment is 50€).


Cancellation policy

The amount of 20% is non-refundable unless the tour is canceled by our side, due to some strong reason. Then we return you deposit amount minus transaction fees.

In case of cancellation due to bad weather conditions we keep deposit amount and reschedule the tour. We will cancel the tour only in case weather conditions represent real danger for the participants. Luckily, we never had to do that so far!


Additional info

Be aware of possible injuries that may occur during your outdoor experience. To minimize the risk, each activity is led by experienced guides, skippers, and instructors who will make sure you have wonderful but safe time with us. However, the responsibility for any injury or health issue occurred during the tour is solely yours. Please have your travel insurance with you through all the time of your stay in Montenegro.

We want our tours to have high positive impact on you, but minimum possible impact on the environment. We encourage you to follow leave-no-trace principles as much as possible.

Hiking boots and pants are highly recommendable on most of our hikes.

By booking our tour you agree to these terms and conditions.


Let’s be active and grow! 🙂

If your interests and ideas are related to adventure tourism, nature, well-being, yoga, eco-tourism, sustainable tourism, organic food production, workshops, or nature research program of any kind, feel free to get in touch. Maybe we can merge our ideas and make wonderful things together!