Yoga in Montenegro

Go deep inside yourself. Get to know your body and mind.

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Start your day practicing yoga outdoor, just by the sea! Increase your strength and flexibility, soothe your mind and renew the energy through asanas, pranayama and relaxation exercises.

A yoga routine provides deep restoration to your body and the mind. And to make your practice more effective, it’s ideal to end your yoga week with yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). It helps conserve and consolidate this energy and relax the entire system, preparing it for pranayama and meditation.

We offer early morning classes of hatha yoga on daily basis and deep relaxation classes (yoga Nidra) once per week, or at the end of your active vacation. You can combine yoga session with any of our other activities!

We carefully have chosen the location that will make our classes fully effective and pleasant. Just above the waves, surrounded by fragrant Mediterranean greenery, you will hardly find the ambient more beautiful than this one!

Classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Fresh morning air will make your practicing pleasant and effective.

What’s included:

Certified yoga teacher, yoga mat upon request.

What to bring:

Mat, bottle of water, comfortable clothes.

Max number of people:



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